First iPhone game emerges from a hole

Microsoft's Steve Balmer probably thinks it's whack

First iPhone game emerges from a hole

The iPhone has been given its first game, but those hoping for World of Warcraft may be a little disappointed.

Those who are certified Apple evangelicals however will delight at the antics of iWhack, a simple browser-based title that sees you hitting Steve Balmer on the head whenever he pops out of a series of holes in the ground.

Developed by MyNuMo and available through its freshly-launched Fun4iPhone website, the game pokes fun at the Microsoft bigwig who has been a candid critic of the iPhone and its credentials as a must have gadget.

Though not the sort of more involved game we are hoping for, it is at least encouraging to see that quick off the mark developers are already offering browser-based games for the device. Let's hope this tongue in cheek distraction paves the way for some more solid offerings soon.