FinBlade: 'iPhone 3.0 micro-billing suits developers AND gamers'

And planning to make use of it as soon as possible

FinBlade: 'iPhone 3.0 micro-billing suits developers AND gamers'

We've been getting the reactions of games developers and publishers to yesterday's iPhone 3.0 software announcement, and across the board the responses have been hugely positive.

John Chasey, MD of UK developer FinBlade, has added his views to the chorus of praise, citing the new micro-billing option as the key improvement.

"Given price pressures within the app store to keep prices low, micro-billing will provide an opportunity to up-sell additional content and so improve the per-user revenue," he says.

"This also works well from the consumer perspective - initial prices are likely to remain low, with the option to buy extras if they feel the application is worth it."

FinBlade has released several iPhone games, including Ernie Els Golf 2008, Tennis Slam and Manchester United Word It. More will be on the way using the new features, though.

"We've got a bunch of ideas that we have been working on that were not really practical without micro-billing," says Chasey. "Now that has arrived we hope to be making some announcements soon."

Anything missing from iPhone 3.0 that FinBlade would have liked to have seen in there?

"It would have been great to support TV-Out from within applications," he says. "We tend to use this for demos but it is not currently officially supported in the SDK. Hopefully it'll be in the next update."

For more developer reactions, check our iPhone 3.0 section throughout the day.