Final confirmation: 02 will sell the Palm Pre

As well as the iPhone, of course

Final confirmation: 02 will sell the Palm Pre

In this post iPhone world in which we all live and work, few rival handsets are capable of causing much of a stir. The Palm Pre is one of them, and this morning 02 officially confirmed last week's rumours that it will be selling the device upon its European release. 02 parent company Telefonica will sell it in Germany.

The Palm Pre, which has a slide-out keyboard, a large touchscreen, and an exciting new operating system called WebOS that does natty things like grabbing contact information from Facebook, is often mooted as a potential iPhone killer.

Despite the buzz, some Pre owners in America - where the device is already available - have complained about cracked screens, wobbly keyboards, dead pixels, and unsealed seams. Perhaps it’s a good thing that we in Europe have to wait.

This is particularly good news for 02, of course, because 02 already sells the iPhone. With two of the most exciting current smartphones in its stable, the operator looks set to dominate.

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