Epic Games: 'Android Market not as mature as the App Store'

Download size restrictions to blame

Epic Games: 'Android Market not as mature as the App Store'

In an interview with Edge magazine, Epic Games (Gears of War, Unreal, Infinity Blade) co-founder Mark Rein re-affirmed his company’s wait-and-see position on the Android platform.

Rather than focus on fragmentation - as has been the primary cause of consternation in the past - Rein this time concentrated more on the 50MB download limit imposed by Google on all Android Market apps.

"I suggest you go to iTunes and look at all the top-selling games, and figure out how many of those are over 50mb," he told the magazine. "If you want to make great triple-A content, that’s something they’ll need to get over."

Other companies like Gameloft and Hyperdevbox have managed to navigate around the download limits in the past by making the initial download a launcher that then downloads data from the company’s servers, but this doesn’t seem to be a path Epic wants to take.

Despite the concerns, Rein remained positive it was only a temporary issue by going on to say, "Google is fixing that – it’s not a long-term issue; I understand it’s not that far away. But it’s just one of the things that makes the Android marketplace not as mature as the App Store."