E3 2011: PS Vita not coming to Europe until 2012?

Vague comment from Sony boss leaves the door open for a delay

E3 2011: PS Vita not coming to Europe until 2012?

It should have been a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer, but by saying that the PlayStation Vita (formally NGP) will be released worldwide “in this fiscal year”, head of Sony of America Jack Tretton has left doubts as to whether Europe will indeed see the new portable console in the winter, after all.

The comments came from a live interview on Gametrailers in which the SOA boss was being asked for more details regarding the new handheld.

Tretton refused to say exactly which territories are likely to miss out on seeing the machine, saying merely that the fiscal year extended to “March 2012”.

Given that the US market is almost certain to launch in the winter following the E3 presentation, and Japan will likely be the first to get the new machine (being Sony’s home territory and all), it suggests that the last remaining major market, Europe, will miss out.