DSi supplies look set to dry up fast

Importers asking mega money for the new Nintendo handheld

DSi supplies look set to dry up fast

It's starting to look like there's going to be a few disappointed Nintendo fans in Japan on November 1st, the date the new DSi launches there.

Already, importers have been asking for above and beyond the retail price of the console from impatient buyers in Europe and America. Play-Asia currently has the DSi on sale for $299.99 (or £184), while the console's recommended retail price in Japan in only 18,900yen (£117).

That's no surprise, of course – importers generally cash in on the impatience of early adopters when new hardware is launched. But reports are now coming in of shortages in Japan driving up prices there, too.

According to Siliconera, supplies appear to be scarce and those without a reservation ticket could struggle to get a DSi on launch day, unless they're prepared to pay over the odds. Top retailers have stopped taking online reservations, and sellers on Amazon Japan are now charging up to ¥35,000 for the console. That's around £216.

Expect reports of stampedes in Japan next week then because it sounds like – even without any specific DSi games, aside from the software preloaded onto the console and some stuff available from day one on the Store – DSi is going to be selling faster than wellies at Glastonbury. And at just as much of a mark up from those savvy sellers able to get stock.