DSi pirates scuppered by Nintendo update

For now at least

DSi pirates scuppered by Nintendo update

It looks like Nintendo has declared a stealthy war on DSi pirates. In a recent firmware update for Japanese units, the purpose of which was ostensibly to add Facebook functionality, a whole host of piracy-enabling devices has been locked out.

According to one Japanese website it is now impossible to use the DSTTi, Hyper R4i, ak2i, R4 Ui, R4i Gold or EZ Vi units on Japanese DSis.

While such units are claimed to be intended for the use of emulation and homebrew software, they also make piracy possible. It’s widely believed that one of the reasons for the particular timing of the DSi release was to stamp out the threat posed by early R4-type devices.

As ever, though, the modders were soon on the case. Revised units for the new handheld were on the market in May, prompting Nintendo's recent update.

It's likely to be an ever see-sawing battle of software and hardware updates from both sides.