DSi-only games coming soon

Well, if the iPhones 3GS can do it...

DSi-only games coming soon

Kotaku is running a story suggesting that the Nintendo DSi hardware project leader Masato Kuwahara has revealed that DSi-specific games are already in development, and further sources suggest they'll hit the shelves this autumn.

It seems this report is referring to retail games as opposed to DSiWare titles, which are already being offered (though not very many of them) and will be led by third-party publishers rather than Nintendo itself.

In an effort to avoid confusion for neglected DS owners, these new DSi-only games will be packaged in an all-white cases with a big compatibility warning slapped across the front to differentiate them from ordinary DS games.

No details on any of the games, or official word from Nintendo on the subject, has been given as yet.