DS passes baton to PSP

The next eight days in handheld games

DS passes baton to PSP

It really is like a relay race, this handheld release business. Last week, it was all Nintendo DS. Today is transition time, with a 50-50 mix for Friday 20th as the clamshell unit hands things over to PSP, and the latter running ahead with a proposed five-to-one advantage in eight day's time.

Clearly, we know some within that quintet are likely to stumble to be left by the wayside, just as we can be pretty sure the pendulum will sometime swing back in the DS' favour.

Then again, there are no certainties in life. For now, then, enjoy the ebb and flow of this weekly cat-and-mouse game.

Out April 20th
Diddy Kong Racing (DS) (Or read our review)
Free Running (PSP)
Zendoku (DS)
Zendoku (PSP) Out April 27th
Burnout Dominator (PSP)
Death Jnr 2: Root of Evil (PSP)
Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing (PSP)
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas (PSP)
Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth (PSP)
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