Dress up your iPhone in style with Speck Fitted cases

Pinstrip, houndstooth and plaid to match your wardrobe

Dress up your iPhone in style with Speck Fitted cases

There are several reasons to get your iPhone in a case. Primarily you'll want to protect that delicate, expensive hardware, but it's also the best way to stop the Apple fingerprint magnet from looking like it's been washed in gravy.

But if you're interested in giving your handset a bit of extra style rather than coating it in cheap, rough-edged plastic, Sprek has just released a range of pinstrip, houndstooth and plaid fabric-covered hard cases.

"Fitted was designed with one question in mind: How can we make the case as appealing as the phone?" said Bryan Hynecek, lead designer at Speck. "In the design of Fitted, our team asked how we could really make a fashion statement with a case and make it as elegant as any other personal style choice. Why wouldn't people shop for cases like they would for a watch, shoes or some other fashion accessory? With Fitted, we're giving iPhone users that opportunity."

Fashion comes at a price, of course, but there's no denying these do add style to the already chic handset. Swing by the Speck store to check them out, and don't forget to tell 'em Pocket Gamer sent you.