Double “Oh!” from 7

Nokia announces seven new handsets with two key gaming contenders crossing the Finnish line first

Double “Oh!” from 7

The new Nokia 6265 and 2255 handsets were recently unveiled at a launch event in Finland and will be exciting mobile gamers when they arrive in the UK this winter. Five other handsets were announced at the same time (the new 3G-ready 6280, 6270, 6111, 6060 and 2125) but it’s the 6265 and 2255 that will be exciting gamers the most.

The 6265 is among the first of Nokia’s handsets to feature the new Nokia Series 40 3rd edition software (also reported on Pocket Gamer) and boasts a high resolution screen (320 x 240 pixels) and advanced 3D visual processor for the latest Brew and Java 3D mobile phone games. With a sliding keypad, it joins the 6280 and 6270 at the upper end of Nokia’s range and will have an estimated street price of £225.

Pricing for the lower-end 2255 clamshell handset has yet to be announced and, although lacking the 6265’s powerful 3D capabilities, it will come with three games pre-installed.