Crysis developer Crytek hiring for iPhone and iPad projects


Crysis developer Crytek hiring for iPhone and iPad projects

Crytek, the German games developer behind Far Cry and Crysis, may be looking to get in on the mobile gaming business if its current job listings are any indication.

Posting on Develop Jobs, the company says it has an opening for “designing and developing complex, integrated iPhone and iPad applications,” and needs a developer who can manage “one or more iPhone and iPad applications, from specification through design, coding, debugging, and deployment.”

Android development experience is preferred, but not required, of the potential developer

The Frankfurst-based company is well-known, besides its wildly popular FPS franchises, for stunning gaming tech. The CryEngine is perhaps the most powerful engine about, pumping out eye-popping visuals for the most hardcore gaming rigs.

Could Crytek be gearing up to enter the mobile graphics war, against id tech’s Rage engine, and Epic Games’s Unreal Engine, as seen in Infinity Blade?

Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has spoken about the App Store in the past, calling it “something we’ve been looking at for a while now”, but was cautious about the consistently low prices asked for games.

“iPad and iPhone are both doing a real disservice to game prices by allowing games at such low price points – it is an issue the industry has to address at some point,” Yerli said.

Mark Brown
Mark Brown
Mark Brown is editor at large of Pocket Gamer