Cloud gaming service Blacknut launches on iOS

Cloud gaming service Blacknut launches on iOS

Joining the likes of Xbox Game Pass Cloud and Google Stadia, French cloud gaming service Blacknut has launched a new Progressive Web App for iOS to bring the service to iOS devices. The entire catalogue of games on the service is now available for iPhone and iPad across 40 different countries.

Blacknut’s iOS web app is available to all subscribers and works with the entire library available on there, which has now reached over 500 games from PC and console. It includes titles from publishers like Wired Productions, Square Enix, Gameloft, Disney, Deep Silver and more, so it’s got quite a good amount of support behind it.

The service is Bluetooth-controller ready, meaning you can hook up your wireless Xbox or PlayStation controller to the app and start playing immediately thanks to the service’s cloud-streaming technology that allows you to load games quickly without the need to download or install them.

Blacknut also features virtual touch control which means game controls are overlaid dynamically onto a touchscreen, making them playable when it isn’t possible to use a dedicated Bluetooth game controller.

The first version of the app runs exclusively on Safari, the default web browser used on Apple devices, and you can create a shortcut to easily access it from the home screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Dann previewed the Blacknut cloud gaming service last month, in which he said it could be “the solution for mobile & desktop cloud streaming”. You can read his full impressions of the service right here.

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Blacknut is available for a monthly subscription rate of €14.99, and you can access the service from the official website here.