BlackBerry links up with Bluetooth game controller Zeemote JS1

Give your 'Berry some stick

BlackBerry links up with Bluetooth game controller Zeemote JS1

The Zeemote is one of those peripherals that looks interesting, but doesn't immediately grab you by the thumbs since you're already happily playing games on your mobile or smartphone. Your BlackBerry, for instance, which copes with gaming and navigation quite happily.

Until you've held one in your hand, that is. A couple of hot chases through the mazes of Pac-Man Champion Edition (or anything else, for that matter) and you can't believe you managed for so long with a clumsy keypad as a controller. And, while we're bigging up the JS1, it's actually very handy simply for finding your way around the menus, providing something of a mobile mouse.

BlackBerry gamers rejoice, as the driver application for the Zeemote is now compatible with all trackball equipped handsets. To get your games under the analogue Bluetooth thumbstick, head on over to the Zeekey website and download your version of the driver, then start giving your games some serious stick.

To find out a bit more about the Zeemote you can check out our world exclusive unboxing, and thumb through (ah thang you) Pocket Gamer's online official Zeemote eZine.

Seriously, as a Zeemote user I can guarantee you BlackBerry bods need one of these.

Oh, by the way. Nokia users can also grab the Zeekey app from the Ovi Store. Just thought I'd throw that one in while our thumbs are blue (toothed).

Spanner Spencer
Spanner Spencer
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