Bethesda to bring Fallout, Elder Scrolls to iPhone?

Next development will be released on the App Store

Bethesda to bring Fallout, Elder Scrolls to iPhone?

We’ve already seen Bethesda - the gaming giant behind the recent smash hit Fallout 3 - dip its toe in the handheld and mobile markets, though without a great deal of success it has to be said.

The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey didn’t really make much of an impact, and the highly anticipated Oblivion conversion for the PSP has so far failed to materialise.

But this doesn’t change that fact that it was damnably exciting when executive producer Todd Howard stood up at the New York Comic Con and announced that Bethesda’s next project is for the iPhone.

Naturally there were immediate rumours of Fallout Touch, and iElder Scrolls, but the announcement was as much as Bethesda’s currently willing to give away.

It’s a reasonable speculation that its most popular and prolific franchise, the Elder Scrolls, would be a sensible place for Bethesda to start with iPhone gaming (though sense has little to do with game development), so we’ll just have to wait for further announcements.

It’s also unlikely to be a coincidence that this announcement comes just a matter of days after it was revealed on that Apple is to introduce a premium pricing range on the App Store.

tThe likelihood with a Bethesda game development is that’s it’s going to be an expansive one, and therefore will land firmly in the middle of the upper pricing tier.

Not that this is particularly a bad thing. If the premium channel is bolstered by gaming powerhouses like Bethesda from the outset, it’ll hopefully set a high standard for other companies to follow when they ask us to shell out for iPhone games.

And this news will undoubtedly light a fire under any big name developers and publishers that have yet to give the iPhone any serious consideration as a gaming platform. If Bethesda’s pumping out iCode, its competition will have to follow.