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Befriend the Shadows and Manipulate Time in Shadwen on NVIDIA SHIELD

Available now, GeForce Now

Befriend the Shadows and Manipulate Time in Shadwen on NVIDIA SHIELD

Frozenbyte, the studio behind the critically-acclaimed action-puzzle game Trine, is trying its hand at something a little darker and more shadowy. Shadwen, an action-stealth game available to stream on NVIDIA SHIELD via GeForce NOW, is all about staying silent and unseen. Failure to remain discreet means death.

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GeForce NOW is NVIDIA’s recently launched “Netflix for games,” a cloud-based game streaming service that allows members to stream a variety of graphics intensive PC games directly to their SHIELD device.

In Shadwen, you play an assassin with a mission to kill the king. The shadows are your friend and they keep you tucked out of sight while you slip from corner to corner, grapple up onto rooftops, and otherwise use your environment to stay hidden until your job is done.


Being an assassin is a lonely job, but you do have two unusual friends. First, time itself. Time stands still when Shadwen does, which allows you to rewind and correct past mistakes, as well as manipulate future events.

Second is Lily, an orphaned girl who comes to depend on Shadwen to keep her safe. Lily's presence may also rein in Shadwen's murderous tendencies, since any killing she performs is within her sight. The key word here is "may." Ultimately, the decision to kill or find more complicated, less violent solutions to your problems is up to you.

You can stream Shadwen to your SHIELD device via GeForce NOW for 15% off for a special launch price. Purchasing the game on GeForce NOW also nets you a free Steam download key for the game. A GeForce NOW membership costs $7.99 a month, and your first three months are free.