BBC iPlayer app revealed for iPhone, downloads, streaming and radio

Send messages direct to the programme

BBC iPlayer app revealed for iPhone, downloads, streaming and radio

Admittedly, it's not very gamey, but considering Apple is a bit funny about video and media player applications the leaked information on the BBC's iPlayer application has caught our attention.

The app has been inadvertently revealed (by our good buddies ElectricPig) as part of press pack used to show off the online iPlayer's viewing figures, and has some very exciting features.

Primarily it'll allow for video streaming direct to your iPhone (natch), but also has a 'download' button, presumably giving you the option of grabbing a video over wi-fi, then watching it later while out and about.

There's even a radio function, and the option to send messages directly to the programme through the BBC iPlayer iPhone application.

There's no news on exactly when the iPlayer app will land (for all we know Apple might even kick up a fuss, given that it's replicating much of iTunes's functionality) but all in all it sounds like a pretty decent application.

Unless you don't like soap operas or that celebrity dancing programme, in which case you'll find the BBC viewing schedule to be a bit sparse.

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