Aurora Feint outguns Game Center with PlayTime - Xbox Live for iOS and Android

Server-based 16 player goodness promised

Aurora Feint outguns Game Center with PlayTime - Xbox Live for iOS and Android

Pretty much every online gaming network has claimed to be the Xbox Live of the mobile arena at some point in its history, yet an significant update to OpenFeint promises to serve up the kind of robust online network console gamers are accustomed to.

Combining achievements and VoIP with cross platform iPhone and Android online play, OpenFeint's new PlayTime technology – which will also cleverly make use of Game Center user accounts – looks the most exhaustive network so far.

Indeed, Aurora Feint have also taken steps to ensure users don't get left high and dry if their opponent loses connection. PlayTime automatically replacing their actions with that of an AI controlled character if the other player is cut off.

Fun for all

"The most successful games have one thing in common: they bring people together," says Aurora Feint CEO Jason Citron.

"Whether a simple board game or a stunning 3D console game, games are always better when shared with family or friends."

OpenFeint is keen for PlayTime to be employed in a wide range of games, so there will be two versions of the technology offered - one for casual and one for core games.

Features available include group voice chat and matchmaking options.

PlayTime will see the light of day as part of a wider OpenFeint update, with version 3.0 due to launch before the year is out.

Keith Andrew
Keith Andrew
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