Apple names Ridiculous Fishing its iPhone Game of the Year for 2013

Fishing for compliments

Apple names Ridiculous Fishing its iPhone Game of the Year for 2013

Apple has revealed its Games of the Year choices over on the App Store. And The Big A has published some lists of the most lucrative games in 2013.

Apple's iPhone Game of the Year 2013 award want to Vlambeer's highly polished fish snatcher Ridiculous Fishing. A worthy winner, I think we can all agree.

We gave Vlambeer's game a Gold Award when we reviewed it. We said that "Ridiculous Fishing may have a strange premise, but give it half an hour and it blossoms into one of the most innovative, well-balanced, and addictive games of the year."

The runners-up in the world of iPhone were Simogo's Gold Award-winning DEVICE 6 and PopCap's Bronze Award-winning tower defence sequel Plants vs Zombies 2: It's About Time.

Where are the iPads?

The winner of Apple's award for iPad Game of the Year 2013 is a little more contentious, in my humble opinion. You see, Apple gave the award to Badland, Frogmind's beautiful but slightly hollow blob-guiding physics-puzzler.

At review, we called it "a gorgeous-looking game". We then added that "Badland doesn't quite have the moves to make it a classic" and promptly gave it a 6/10.

The runners-up slots in the world of iPad were filled by 2K's sublime Gold Award-winning strategy battler XCOM: Enemy Unknown and Kevin Ng's rage-inducing Silver Award-winning twitch racer Impossible Road.

Top of the money tree

And sitting pretty at the top of the end-of-year charts of Paid and Free iOS games and apps are two very familiar faces.

In the Paid section, we have Minecraft - Pocket Edition, Mojang's shrunk-down build-'em-up. In the Free section, meanwhile, is the ubiquitous Candy Crush Saga.

The pair dominate both the iPad and the iPhone charts, proving that we should all be putting our money into sweets and bricks next year.

And now here's some download links, in case you missed out on any of Apple's newly decorated games during the last 12 months.

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