Apple confirms more than 60m iPhone app downloads

Not bad for one month's work

Apple confirms more than 60m iPhone app downloads

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has told The Wall Street Journal that more than 60 million applications have already been downloaded from the company's App Store.

That's pretty good considering it only launched a month ago, although the cynic in us wonders whether that figure includes updates, of which there have been many.

Jobs didn't give any details on the split between free and paid apps, but did say that those 60 million downloads have generated $30 million of revenues.

Several games publishers are presumably rolling in loot now though, including Sega (for Super Monkey Ball) and Vivendi (for Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D), whose two games have hovered at the top of the App Store charts for the entire month.

Meanwhile, Jobs has also confirmed the existence of a controversial 'kill switch' in the iPhone, enabling Apple to zap "malicious" applications remotely.