Angry Birds series surpasses 200 million downloads

Chrome web release signs up 6 million fans in a week

Angry Birds series surpasses 200 million downloads

Three weeks to the day since Rovio detailed Angry Birds' last milestone – a mere 140 million copies downloaded globally – the developer has announced that the game's total now sits at over 200 million.

The figure includes downloads of the main game across mobile, PC and Mac, as well as additional releases Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio.

Rovio also claimed that the newly released Chrome web version has amassed more than 6 million fans in its first week online.

Raving over Rovio

"We have seen more growth and engagement with Angry Birds games and merchandise across all markets," said CEO Mikael Hed, CEO of Rovio.

"The growing numbers of fans give us more incentive to keep creating more fresh, fun and engaging Angry Birds experiences and making them available to everyone."

The latest figures means Angry Birds as a franchise has enjoyed downloads in the region of 60 million since April 27, bringing its daily total in at 2.86 million – a substantial leap from the 890,000 daily downloads the series registered back at the end of April.

As a result, merchandise sales are also soaring, with over 3 million units sold globally to more than 100 million countries.

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