Android section for launches

345k apps tracked, 290k reviews collated, 4.5k Qi scores

Android section for launches

Still giddy from the launch of the iPad Quality Index last month, PG publisher Steel Media is now on a one-way journey to the stratosphere of excitement with the announcement of the site’s Android counterpart.

As with the iPhone and iPad sections, Android Quality Index focuses on condensing critical opinion from the best sources into one definitive score.

It does this through magic. And when that fails, it tracks over 345,000 apps and trawls the planet for game and app reviews from the most trusted online and print sources of Android content.

At launch, this means more than 290,000 independent reviews already collated using the Quality Index’s unique metric in order to output a single definitive score for each of the 4,500-plus Qi rated Android titles currently on the site – many of them games, of course.

The resulting ‘Qi score’ is what the site uses to provide the ultimate aid to Android game/app selection – an absolute must, as anyone who has ever tried to navigate Google Play’s maze of 450,000 apps will know.

(To further help matters, much of the Android content tracked by Qi includes video trailers – so you can get an immediate sense of whether an app is likely to fulfil your hopes.)

And it's not just the best games, apps, or even publishers (you can filter results to show you the most consistent, most critically content creators). As with the other Qi sections, expect Android-specific weekly round-ups, analysis, and rundowns using data generated by the unique Qi ratings – the very latest addition, to run across all formats, is a re-imagined official Top 20 app chart.

So if yours is an Android, check out Use it in conjunction with Pocket Gamer and you shall be revered by friends and colleagues as the 'Droid King/Queen'. Then watch the boy/girlfriend floodgates blow wide open…

Joao Diniz Sanches
Joao Diniz Sanches
With three boys under the age of 10, former Edge editor Joao has given up his dream of making it to F1 and instead spends his time being shot at with Nerf darts. When in work mode, he looks after editorial projects associated with the Pocket Gamer and Steel Media brands.