Analyst: 3DS will cost $249 - $299


Analyst: 3DS will cost $249 - $299

Colin Sebastian, an analyst at Lazard Capital Markets, has said that he expects the 3DS to retail for between $249 and $299.

“Nintendo’s 3D-enabled handheld device (3DS) was the largest draw at E3, and we believe it will be successful at extending the company’s leadership position in the portable market,” he said in a research note.

“Importantly, the 3DS does not require glasses or a 3D TV to enjoy a 3D experience, which we believe will resonate well with consumers.

“We expect a late 2010 launch of the 3DS in Japan, followed by March 2011 in North America, with a price point in the $249-$299 range.”

The price point of the new device is a contentious point, but one that we’re happy to speculate on.