Amazon sneak-peaks 9 exclusive titles for 'gaming too' Fire TV unconsole

A slice of Prime action?

Amazon sneak-peaks 9 exclusive titles for 'gaming too' Fire TV unconsole

Following the announcement of its Fire TV streaming media box, that's "great for gaming too", Amazon has sneak-peaked footage of some of the exclusive games it's working on.

No further details have been provided, although it's clear there's a range of different genres in development.

Also, as with shooter Sev Zero, it looks like many of these games will be best played using Amazon's game controller, rather than your phone's screen.

You can see the full video at the bottom of the page, but we've screen-grabbed what we think are the different titles Amazon's working on; although it's tricky as it looks like some games are featured in the video more than once.

See what you think....

Game 1: Beautiful if abstract origami animal sim
Inspired by: Ico
Game 2: Goofy 3D adventure
Inspired by: Little Big Adventure

Game 3: Generic steampunk turn-based RPG
Inspired by: All the other generic steampunk turn-based RPGs

Game 4: Side-scrolling sci-fi action game
Inspired by: Abe's Odyssey meets dinosaurs with fricking laser guns

Game 5: Generic fantasy turn-based RPG
Inspired by: God of War and all the other generic fantasy turn-based RPGs

Game 6: Scary operating table
Inspired by: Silent Hill
Game 7: Cute side-scrolling action game
Inspired by: Monsters Inc.
Game 8: Giant robot with cleaver for a hand
Inspired by: Fruit Ninja

Game 9: TD/shooter hybrid
Inspired by: The Lord of the Rings

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