All trademarks in the Tim Langdell vs EA 'Edge' case have finally been cancelled

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All trademarks in the Tim Langdell vs EA 'Edge' case have finally been cancelled
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Nearly three years after initial ruling was passed, the courts have released a legal document confirming that all Edge-related trademarks pertaining to the EA vs. Edge Games case have been cancelled.

The long-running dispute centred around trademark "troll" and Edge Games owner Tim Langdell, and his insistence on threatening to sue any games developer, games publisher, or magazine publication which dared to use the word 'edge' in their works.

In the case described by yesterday's document, Langdell was attempting to claim ownership of five trademarks, including 'Edge', 'Cutting Edge', and 'Gamer's Edge'.

The (lengthy) course of justice

Though the court had officially requested that the trademark commissioner nullify these trademarks back in October 2010, it seems they only got around to it yesterday, nearly three years after the fact.

Though we've no idea why it took so long to cancel these trademarks, it's still a cause for celebration for anyone seeking to the word 'edge' in their game without getting threatened with legal action. Like Mobigame, for example.

Langdell was compelled to announce his loss of trademark ownership to all licensees back in 2010. He was subseqently stripped of his IGDA membership after it was deemed he had demonstrated "a lack of integrity or unethical behavior".