Alan Wake developer believes Apple's iPad is 'not far at all' from AAA console-quality games

Controller needed

Alan Wake developer believes Apple's iPad is 'not far at all' from AAA console-quality games

Remedy Entertainment's CEO Matias Myllyrinne has stated in a recent interview with GamesIndustry International that he believes Apple's iPad is "not far at all" from AAA console-quality games.

Like a lot of people, Myllyrinne wants to see a decent controller built for tablets, much like Apple's rumoured upcoming iPhone and iPad peripheral. Still, he'd settle for games created specifically for the tablet medium.

"You still see ports of console titles being brought to iPad. While some of those are cool, I think the really powerful things would be when they're made for the medium. When you take the interface into serious consideration in your design," he said.

"But I don't think we're far away from that at all. If you talk to any of the smart kids in the class, I think all of them are looking at how do we build good IP for theses devices, and I think Infinity Blade is now the benchmark and I think Epic and Chair have done a wonderful job there."

Waking up

Myllyrinne also talked about whether iOS gamers enjoy sitting down and playing games from the App Store for long periods of time, in a similar fashion to console gamers.

"I know that there are heavy users for our games and there are a lot of folks who play at home on an iPad for a long period of time. I don't know whether the hardcore gamers would still rather boot up a console and play Uncharted or Halo or what have you," he explained.

"But I don't think they necessarily take away from each other. They're just different kinds of experiences. I think, most of us, these days, we have a touch phone, we have an iPad, and we have a laptop. They're all used for similar things, but still they serve a specific function."