[Update] The PG Readers' iOS and Android Game of the Week - your vote needed

Slashing? Flinging? Sneaking? Rolling? (And the winner is...)

[Update] The PG Readers' iOS and Android Game of the Week - your vote needed

Updated on September 23rd, at 11:15: The votes have been counted, re-counted, and checked for irregularities, and I can exclusively reveal that this week's winner is Riddick: The Merc Files.

In this game, you control everyone's favourite mass-murdering futuristic sociopath through a series of bite-sized levels, sticking to the shadows and picking the perfect time to strike.

Each of the levels is like a murder-puzzle, where you need to traverse the areas of light and shade to reach the exit. There are guards to kill here, so you'll have to decide whether to stab them in the back or use a stolen gun and risk being heard.

Via the clever touchscreen controls, you can sneak with the minimum of effort. Oh, and there's a pleasant weight to your violent takedowns that makes the waiting worthwhile.

Riddick: The Merc Files will set you back £1.99 / $2.99 [buy] from the App Store. If you like hiding in the dark and waiting to 'off' people, it's going to be right up your sick and twisted alley.

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Every week, thousands of new games hit the iOS App Store and Google Play on Android. Trying to find the diamonds in the rough is no easy task, let us assure you.

We like to think we do a pretty good job with our news articles, mid-week round-ups, expert reviews, and comprehensive features, mind.

But, now we want to know what YOU think.

Today, we're going to ask you to pick the best game that was released on iOS and Android from the past week (from the nominations below), and then we'll announce the winner in a glamorous article next Monday.

There are loads of places to vote. Leave a comment at the bottom of this article; answer the poll on Facebook; or use a slingshot to hurl your answer at the top of Pocket Gamer's massive, heavily guarded castle.

The nominations
Infinity Blade III (iPad, iPhone) The final chapter in the gorgeous swipey slashy dungeon adventure. This time it's got levels, which is nice.
Angry Birds Star Wars II (Android, iPad, iPhone) Bird-flinging space-faring sequel with some new characters and new powers. You can play as the pork side too, which is nice.
Riddick: The Merc Files (iPad, iPhone) Top down stealth-'em-up movie tie in for the latest Vin Diesel-fronted sci-fi flick. Some ex-Starbreeze devs worked on it, which is nice.
Orborun (Android, iPad, iPhone) Guide a podgy rolling robot down an undulating track using simple controls. It's a bit like Super Monkey Ball, which is nice.
Incredipede (Android, iPad, iPhone) Help a weird bug monster get through a series of levels by stretching and contracting its muscles. You can build your own beasts too, which is nice.
Harry Slater
Harry Slater
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