148Apps round-up: Dark Slash, Scoop, Depths, and more

The week in casual games

148Apps round-up: Dark Slash, Scoop, Depths, and more

Time is limited. Apps are plentiful.

How can you make sense of the ever-increasing number of new games in the App Store? Well, by reading Pocket Gamer, of course. But we can't possibly cover everything, and there are some games that just don't fit in our wheelhouse.

Thankfully, our friends over at 148Apps are here to save the day. Take a look at some of the casual games that have caught the attention of the 148Apps team...

Fiasco! Free
By Blinking Pixels


"Create words out of tiles in under 2 minutes in this competitive and enjoyable multiplayer word game." (Jennifer Allen)

Iron Dragon II: Revenge
By WireMuch


"Iron Dragon II - Revenge suffers from poor controls and mind-boggling repetition. Best to let the bad guys run amok." (Nadia Oxford)

Dark Slash
By Veewo


"Dark Slash is an okay action/arcade title, though the action wears thin very quickly." (Nadia Oxford)

Zombie Gunship Arcade
By Limbic Software


"Limbic delivers their take on Flappy Bird, by making it a game about skillfully not flapping." (Carter Dotson)

By Ibrahim Sha’ath


"Scoop's arcade action relies too much on random luck than quick skills." (Jordan Minor)

North Wind: Trill of Consciousness
By Henry Gosuen


"North Wind is an adventure/platformer with an amazingly unique gameplay premise that gets swept away on a breeze of sluggish controls and poorly thought-out design." (Rob Thomas)

By Immersive Douro


"Negotiate underwater passageways in this somewhat forgettable submarine exploration game." (Jennifer Allen)

World War II: TCG
By Frozen Shard Games


"Free to play doesn't excuse a number of design mistakes that make this collectable card game feel fresh out of basic training." (Rob Thomas)

Qix Galaxy
By zGames


"Revitalizing a classic game, Qix Galaxy has a few too many freemium elements for true greatness, but it captures the feeling well enough." (Jennifer Allen)

Tip Tap Monsters
By Crazy Labs


"Match up monsters in this Mahjong-esque game for the whole family." (Jennifer Allen)

All this, plus Carter Dotson investigates baseball parody, iOS-style, then slides over to Twitch for time with Gear Jack: Black Hole and 2-Bit Cowboy. Click on over to 148Apps now for app news, reviews, interviews, and more.

Chris Kirby
Chris Kirby
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