1000 tweets and counting

Become our 1000th Twitter follower and win a £20 Amazon voucher

1000 tweets and counting

It was on January 8th at 11:38 am that we made our first tentative step into the wonderful world of Twitter with:

"Just starting up with Twitter -- hurrah"

Not our best tweet, admittedly, but historic in its own way. At least, it was in our little corner of the world.

Since then, in a relatively short space of time, we've amassed hundreds of dedicated followers, with more catching on to our top tweeting abilities every day. It's even spawned a new weekly feature, Top Tweets, which you might have already seen.

Indeed, we have now managed our 1000th tweet with:

"RT @taggames: Car Jack Streets update 1.1 is going down a storm! Sale price will end very soon so grab it now before the price rise!"

Well, technically we didn't post that - tweetdeck did, but we've come a long way all the same. So to celebrate our 1000th tweet we want our 1000th follower to match. Whoever manages to snaffle the 1000th spot on our followers list will of course get prize - a £20 Amazon voucher to spend on whatever you choose.

The editor's decision is final and Pocket Gamer employees are exempt from the competition. We're sitting pretty at 647 followers at the time of writing, so it's anybody's game.

We'll be announcing the winner in our audio podcast first, followed by a post on the main site. Either way, if you end up being the lucky tweeter, we'll be in touch.

Good luck!