Neighbours back From Hell is heading for iOS and Android this August

Neighbours back From Hell is heading for iOS and Android this August

Picture this. You’re in the comfort of the house, sitting on the porch, having a sipping juice, and everything is perfect and cool. But perhaps you need someone to enjoy the moment with. How about a neighbour? Yes, that would be a good idea for some much-needed company, wouldn’t it?

Actually, it won’t. Because you’ve ended up with a neighbour who drinks, smokes, makes your life a living hell and only brings you misery! What will you do now?

neighbors back from hell

Neighbours back From Hell is a classic puzzle-based strategy game that is coming out for iOS and Android devices on August 3rd, 2021 and you can pre-register right now. It promises full HD graphics and better animations for a smoother experience. The developers also say the interface and controls are also easy to use, presumably having been revamped for touch screen devices. 

In Neighbors back from Hell, you play as Woody, who through two seasons of a fictitious TV show has to prank his neighbour. You have one goal. Create misery for your neighbour wherever he is, whether in China or India or even Mexico. MAKE. HIS. LIFE. HELL.

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And why just him? Why limit the misery to one person. You can even involve his mother and fellow travellers. Every move of yours, every prank of yours, everything is on camera. So let your creativity go on a rollercoaster and frustrate your neighbour to the maximum.

But keep one thing in mind. You cannot get caught. Your TV show depends on this. Get caught and say bye-bye to your TV show. But perform well and ratings will improve and you’ll earn more awards. The greater the chaos, the greater the rewards.

HandyGames’ Neighbors back from Hell launches in August. Pre-order here on iOS and Android devices.

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