Will Nebulus be a towering success on mobile?

Frog-based platformer hops onto handsets

Will Nebulus be a towering success on mobile?
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It's enough to bring a tear to a wrinkled old eye: Nebulus, an 8-bit classic that defined some older gamers' childhoods in more ways than one, is coming to mobile phones courtesy of Player One.

Originally published in the late 1980s for the old skool platforms like the ZX Spectrum, the Commodore 64, and the Amiga (pictured) Nebulus put you in charge of a frog – called, we now learn, Pogo, who is apparently an employee of Destruction Inc.

Whatever. What we do recall though is the fabulous gameplay – you have to hop up eight rotating towers by overcoming various platform game style plunges and perils, only to destroy the tower and move on to the next one.

One of the Pocket Gamer team (guess which) admits to playing Nebulus for about two hours on the plug-and-play retro joystick thingie he bought his sister last Christmas; it's a rare classic game that really has stood the test of time. (Incidentally, we're told it was called Tower Toppler in the US, in case you're in Idaho scratching your head).

Player One says Nebulus will be up on the Vodafone Live and Orange World portals any moment now, so jump to it!