Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense sailing into the iPhone harbour

Brings strategic warfare to the tower defence game

Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense sailing into the iPhone harbour

Built from former In-Fusio game developers, ICS Mobile is a new iPhone studio ready to release its first title onto the App Store - a unique take on the tower defence genre that adds in some serious militaristic warfare and deep strategy gameplay.

Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense features a "groundbreaking AWS realtime 3D fluid simulation engine" (crikey, that sounds expensive) that will endow the game with a detailed and fully interactive water-based environment. Effects such as ripples, buoyancy physics and real time reflections are promised, along with some gameplay features to enhance the usual tower defence experience.

Rather than plotting a predefined route for the attacking enemies to follow, it'll be up to you to position your armaments along the coast to create a defensive bottle neck. The enemy AI will then dynamically adjust the invading ship's path in an effort to find the best route through your blockade.

You'll also have more control over your towers, programming them to attack specific types of enemy vessels, while an embedded skill-tree will grant you experience points as you become more adept.

These points can then be allocated to Defence, Damage or Technology categories that unlock a variety of special features ranging from a B52 air bombardment (If this were my game I'd call that a Rock Lobster attack), a “finger touch” guided satellite laser attack or the devastating Tsunami wave special.

Navy Patrol: Coastal Defense is slated for a late June, early July release, so stay tuned for more info.