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Gear up for some miniature science with nanoLab Fighter, out now for iOS

Gear up for some miniature science with nanoLab Fighter, out now for iOS

If there is something we have all learnt recently, it is that widespread viruses are no joke, so it is time to tool up and discover the cure for the latest disease sweeping mankind in nanoLab Fighter. Developed by Sergey Golovenko, you will pilot a minuscule ship through infected patients in a frantic race to save the world.

The action unfolds on a continuously moving backdrop, where you can strafe about but you will also be advancing. You will find yourself surrounded by a variety of cells and viruses and will have to choose which to shoot and which to spare. It's a tougher choice than you'd expect though, as defeating the good cells will actually harm your patient.

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You will need to master each of the eight tools you can equip if you hope to cure the disease that is rapidly spreading through the human race. Your gun and laser will be your offensive staples, however, you will need to utilize the vacuum to harvest extra energy for your weapons, or your scanner to gain intel, and generally pick the opportune moment to unleash the rest of your arsenal.

There are a total of 14 levels each with their own special goals and challenges to complete, with the first half of this set being available for free. You will need to pay a one-time fee of $0.99 if you want the other seven to finish the story, but if you are enjoying yourself then that's a small price to pay.

As you might expect, nanoLab is quite an educational game, being inspired by real medical science. Beyond learning which cells will heal your patient and which will damage them, you can head over to the Sample Library which gets filled as you play through the levels. You will be able to read about the different viruses and nanites floating around our bodies and learn quite a bit.

If saving the world through science is your bag then answer the call, and download nanoLab Fighter from the App Store now.