Myst Mobile, a new and improved 3D remake of the legendary 1993 puzzler, is due out sometime in the future on iOS

Myst Mobile, a new and improved 3D remake of the legendary 1993 puzzler, is due out sometime in the future on iOS
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Indie development studio Cyan has decided to grace iOS gamers with the most up-to-date and definitive edition of the legendary classic puzzler Myst, remade for modern touchscreen controls with some lovely enhanced visuals as well. This release is all in celebration of the game’s 30th anniversary, and what better way to ring in such an occasion than a fully updated version for gamers who missed out on this one back during its original release year of 1993?

In case you aren’t familiar, Myst is likely the absolute pinnacle of puzzle gameplay and practically invented the genre, allowing games like the The Room franchise or even something like The Witness to exist. It’s a directionless, mysterious setting of an island full of wild contraptions, with a vague plot that is dealt out slowly between difficult puzzles you’ll have to figure out yourself.

Having been made in 1993, this is as classic of a puzzler as you could possibly imagine. With this pocket edition, however, you’ll barely be able to tell given the graphical fidelity on display here. This version is based on the same release that was put out in 2021 for the Mac, just for pocket iOS devices instead, so if you played that one, you know how gorgeous this is sure to look.

On top of the enhanced graphics, there are also a few new additions compared to its old version, such as randomized puzzles to add some difficulty as well as new art, sound, and interactions. This will make diehard Myst fans experience a new way to play their favourite game, which is a welcome addition for sure.

If you’re looking to get your hands on Myst’s iOS version, it’s unsure how long you’ll have to wait, as no release date has been announced just yet. Stay tuned for more updates and an eventual release date reveal somewhere down the line in the meantime!

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