Myst Mobile due out this week after announcement a few days ago

Myst Mobile due out this week after announcement a few days ago
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After only being announced a week ago, the mobile port of the critically acclaimed classic puzzle adventure game Myst is due to launch this Thursday. This comes as a bit of a shock given how fresh we are off the reveal, but it is a welcome surprise as this is a highly anticipated release due to how beloved Myst has always been. This new mobile edition comes with enhanced graphics, a free trial to see if you want to purchase the full experience, and an assortment of other nice quality-of-life features that make it the best version of Myst yet.

Myst is a game that, even if you aren’t a frequent gamer, you’ve likely heard of. Having launched back in 1993, this mysterious puzzler sees you as a stranger trapped on an island full of difficult brain-teasing puzzles and questions around every corner. The influence of Myst is felt even today, with games like The Witness or The Room franchise taking many bits of it into their works.

This new and improved version of Myst sees a beautiful graphical overhaul, making the game look far less dated and much more modern, but keeps everything else just about the same. There are no changes to the meat of the game, but there are a few bits here and there like new art, randomized puzzles for people who have already played Myst before, new soundscapes, and more.

I won’t risk spoiling any more of this one, as Myst is definitely a game that everyone should give a shot at least once in their life. It’s difficult, mind-meltingly hard at points, but the story is so interesting and twisty that it’s all worth it.

Don’t take my word for it, though. You can give this new, and likely the best, version of Myst a go when it officially launches this Thursday.

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