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Myst Mobile launches onto iOS only a few weeks after initial announcement

Myst Mobile launches onto iOS only a few weeks after initial announcement
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After being announced only about two weeks ago, the latest reiteration of the classic ‘93 puzzler Myst has launched onto iOS! Indie studio Cyan has brought the legendary game to Apple devices with a fair plate of new content, super enhanced and gorgeous visuals, and even better sound than any of its counterparts thus far. This is surely the definitive edition of Myst, and the turnaround from announcement to release was so brief that I can’t help but be impressed!

Myst is, as I described in both articles covering this game from announcement to launch, a recognisable title to just about anyone even with passing knowledge of games. Your father probably knows about Myst - even your mother! It’s a staple of both video games and personal computer culture in general, and basically invented the puzzle genre from the ground up.

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This mysterious adventure puzzle game takes you to a deserted island with not much to go off of except vague directions and branching paths, each with a ton of different puzzles to solve to progress the story. There is a plot here, despite how vague it may seem at the beginning, and it is a doozy, so I won’t spoil anything about it here.

Instead, I cannot recommend enough that you give Myst a go yourself, as pretty much every gamer regardless of console, mobile, or PC owes it to themselves to see one of the most important games to ever be made in the history of video games as a whole.

And now, with this enhanced edition that includes new art, enhanced graphics, a new soundscape, and even randomised puzzles to enhance the difficulty, there’s no reason for you not to! So what are you waiting for? Check out either of the links below and download Myst Mobile for free!

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