Myst to be ported to the iPhone

An exciting new project from the boys at Cyan Worlds

Myst to be ported to the iPhone
| Myst (iPhone)

Touch Arcade has picked up an a quiet announcement at the Myst Online forums that the classic Mac adventure game from 1993 is to be ported to the iPhone.

Having known immense popularity back in the day, Myst took the burgeoning FPS style of 3D gameplay and applied it to a graphical adventure/puzzle scenario. Players explored their immersive surroundings and gradually uncovered the fascinating backstory that made the game such an all time hit.

From the Myst Online forums:

"This is a small project that probably a very few of you know about. We are porting Myst to the iPhone. Ok, before some of you start groaning, this is an outside funded project that is keeping a few developers employed… but it is really more than that. It is an interesting and fun project. This is also a very small team with three of us (which includes Derek, Rand (not Randy) and myself)."

Myst recently saw a DS conversion that didn't entirely cut the mustard, so hopefully this latest version will recapture the game's former glory. Hit 'Track It!' to stay informed.

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Spanner Spencer
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