iPhone's Myst Free floats across the App Store

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iPhone's Myst Free floats across the App Store
| Myst (iPhone)

Myst is one of the iPhone's biggest games - both literally (weighing in at over 700MB) and in terms of historical importance.

This graphical adventure game was the best selling PC title of all time, until it was overtaken by The Sims in 2002. Itbrought an air of realism to home computers and consoles through a vast array of pre-rendered 3D visuals that's only recently been improved upon.

So it was a big day for retro gamers when Myst was adapted to the iPhone, but if the megalithic download size put you off, you'll be glad to hear that a demo version, Myst Free, has now gone live on the App Store.

Shaved down to a more palatable 124MB, Myst Free introduces you to the eponymous island, with all the treasures of the full game for you to discover - you just can't visit the other five ages until you buy the full version.

Which, by the way, Cyan Worlds has dropped to £2.99 to celebrate the launch of Myst Free, so get one or the other downloading now.

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