Classic adventure Myst arrives on iPhone

Let’s Myst again

Classic adventure Myst arrives on iPhone
| Myst (iPhone)

Myst was born into a computer gaming age where 3D visuals simply didn’t cut the graphical mustard, so developer Cyan Worlds came up with a quite ingenious alternative.

Its massively popular adventure game used pre-rendered computer generated images to create the mysterious island you find yourself stranded on, with enough of them included to allow you to essentially search every room, corner and nook of this strange environment.

The iPhone adaptation has just been released onto the App Store, and promises all the same graphical splendour along with much improves touch controls for exploring, zooming and interacting with the world of Myst.

But be prepared for a hefty download. Cyan World’s game weighs in at an immense 727MB, although the price tag isn’t quite so heavy as all those megabytes might suggest. The game’s App Store blurb also warns that you’ll need around double that space to install the game, so fans had better start clearing some space on their iPhones and iPod touches.

Blimey, 700MB. Is that too much for a mobile game, or is it a sign of things to come? Your thoughts on a postcard.