Win a year's supply of Battenbergs with iPhone's Must.Eat.Birds.

Let them eat cake

Win a year's supply of Battenbergs with iPhone's Must.Eat.Birds.
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The ultra-stylish arcade strangeness that is Must.Eat.Birds. is going one step further to prove developer Mediatonic is off its happy rocker by giving away a year's supply of free Battenberg cakes to one lucky sweet-toothed winner.

You don't have to be a rocker jockey with a crocheted shawl and handmade teeth to enjoy a piece of Battenberg with your tea, but putting away 365 slices of traditional grandma grub is likely to be as much of a challenge as the unusual game that's offering it as a prize.

Must.Eat.Birds. puts you in charge of the Nomster - a self-replicating picnic policeman whose duty it is to keep birds away from the sandwiches, jams, preserves, sweets and, of course, selection of cakes by shooting itself from a homemade catapult into the avian menace.

To enter the Must.Eat.Birds. big Battenberg bash (unofficial title) contestants must take and send a picture of themselves eating cake to Mediatonic, with bonus points awarded for including some surreal reference to Must.Eat.Birds. somewhere in the photo.

Full details are available here, or it you've already got a previously mortifying photo of that time when you inadvertently baked four and twenty blackbirds in a pie, send your entry to [email protected].

Please note, winning entries are obliged to invite the Pocket Gamer editorial team around for tea and cake at their expense.
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Spanner Spencer
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