iPhone developer Mediatonic heading for the PSP

Social gaming company to 'go' with Sony

iPhone developer Mediatonic heading for the PSP
| Must.Eat.Birds

Sony's lost the plot when it comes to pricing its hardware, but there's no denying that it's creating a real stir among the game development community with its new line of 'Minis' due to shore up the PSPgo's app store (although it's not an app store (even though it clearly is)).

Anyway, UK-based social gaming specialist and developer of the surreal and deliciously entertaining iPhone game Must.Eat.Birds, Mediatonic, has just announced its intentions to create games for the PSP's online store.

"Signing up with Sony to work on the PSPGo platform is immensely exciting for us," explains Mediatonic's creative director Paul Croft. "Having dipped our toes in the water with Must.Eat.Birds on the iPhone, we’re thrilled to be adding the PSP Go to our ranks - and we’ll be designing original games specifically for the platform and its online delivery system."

Details on Mediatonic's first PSP title will be announced shortly, and it's worth pointing out that they'll be just as playable on the older PSP models, of course.

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