Muertitos is an original match-3 puzzler with a unique Mexican flavour

Mexican mask matcher

Muertitos is an original match-3 puzzler with a unique Mexican flavour
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I'll admit that if I had known Muertitos was a match-3 puzzler before I had played it, I may have skipped it. I'm glad I didn't.

Not only does it have an art style and set of characters taken from traditional Mexican culture, it has an interesting take on the genre.

Rather than swapping the tiles in the grid, in Muertitos you push them in from the edges of the grid.

So, there are tiles - represented by various Mexican masks and monsters - all around the outside of the central 4x4 grid. You tap one and it moves inside the grid.

If you were to tap the tile that replaced the one you just moved, then it would push the first tile further into the grid.

The challenge here is in moving the tiles around to match them up, but in doing so you have to introduce more tiles to the grid, potentially cluttering it up.

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It means you have to plan ahead if you want to succeed in a similar way that you do in, say, Threes!.

Also like in Threes!, you unlock more characters the better you do in the game. Plus, more are yet to be added with further updates.

Muertitos is something we rarely find these days, and that's an original (as far as I know) match-3 game.

You can purchase it on for 69p / 99c on the App Store [buy] and Google Play [buy] right now.

Chris Priestman
Chris Priestman
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