App Army Assemble: Mudd Masher - Q*bert meets Mutant Mudds


App Army Assemble: Mudd Masher - Q*bert meets Mutant Mudds
| Mudd Masher

Mudd Masher is a sequel to Mutant Mudds, though it's not a platformer this time around. Instead, it takes its cues from Q*bert. You hop down muddy steps to clean them, and tap to squish enemies trying to dirty them again.

We gave it a six at review, claiming that: "Mudd Masher has a solid idea at its core, but it doesn't do enough to build on it".

But what did our hardened bunch of mobile gaming experts in the App Army make of it? Read on to find out.

Laura Egri

This reminds me of Q*bert. You play as a geeky cubic hero who has to clean all muddy blocks you step on. It's a high score chaser.

It's pretty easy, as you just have to watch your steps, not fall off, and avoid traps. You also have to tap to kill enemies you encounter.

The scenery is quirky and funny as you go from one land to another, and it's interesting enough to keep you playing for a while.

Barrett Bear Baker

As Laura said, this is Q*bert, but it also reminded me of Crossy Road without the character collection.

As of yet, I can't do anything with the money I'm collecting and getting from ads, so maybe that's coming later.

If Mutant Mudd and Q*bert had a baby, I can imagine this would be it. But it's a bit ugly, and lacking in heart. It's a score chaser, and a decent time waster, but i'd love it if they put a bit more in.

More characters, maybe stick the weapon on the character's back so it's more reminiscent of the Mutant Mudds. Visually it's fine, but the music isn't catchy. I haven't caught myself humming it yet.

James Rooney

So far this seems fun, though I can definitely see it getting repetitive rather quickly.

Tom Clark

Pretty much just a Q*bert clone. Fun for a while but nothing to really keep you engaged for long.

If you're into old style arcade games you'll like this.

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