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Return to the classic MU online MMORPG world as MU Origin 2 launches today

Return to the classic MU online MMORPG world as MU Origin 2 launches today

Having already captured the imagination of players in China and Korea, today marks the first time that players in the West can check out what MU Origin 2 brings news to the series. The game is a bigger, more ambitious sequel to Webzen’s original MMORPG set in the MU universe, offering up three distinct character classes, full 3D graphics and numerous dungeons to explore.

Your MU Origin 2 adventure starts by having you choose between one of three classes. There’s the Dark Wizard, who’s a learned magic user; the Dark Knight, a specialist in close-range combat; and the Elf character class, a master of the bow and other ranged weapons. Each look and play wildly different from one another – useful for when joining a Guild and undergoing quests with others.

The wholly satisfying real-time combat from the first game makes its return in MU Origin 2, simple enough for casual players to pick up but in-depth enough for MU die-hards. Players can engage with each other via PVP across servers, meaning that there are always other people to engage with and play alongside. A built-in social system even makes friends easy to find.

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As well as other players, MU Origin 2 adventurers can always rely on their own Guardian Pet to keep them company and fight alongside them in the midst of battle. Whether on a daily quest or as part of a daily dungeon, they’ll attack enemies to help give you an edge in battle. MU Origin 2 also allows you to obtain your own mount, making the world of MU much more liberating to explore.

Don’t delay your next MMORPG fix any longer and download MU Origin 2 for free today. It’s available now on both iOS and Android.