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MU Origin 2's latest update introduces the new Magic Gladiator class to the popular MMORPG

Alongside the start of Abyss Season 11 and Couple Dungeons

MU Origin 2's latest update introduces the new Magic Gladiator class to the popular MMORPG

MU Origin 2's 3.1 update has landed and introduces a whole host of new content to the popular MMORPG. There's a new class, the start of Abyss Season 11 and activities for couples to do together.

The new class will be called the Magic Gladiator, a unique archetype that can make use of both a sword and staff, wielding one in each hand. This will allow them to devastate enemies from close range. The gladiator will have a choice of 16 different skills to choose from depending on which sword or staff they have equipped that offer a variety of elemental damage types.

Elsewhere, there will be a host of new Abyss related activities to tackle including Abyss Castle Siege. This will see different Guilds competing to uncover who is the best on their server. It will take place every Wednesday from 21:30 – 22:00. To take part you'll need to acquire a Loren Badge from Elite and Boss monsters in the Abyss field.

Alternatively, if you prefer to fight alone you might want to take part in the Abyss Arena that sees players from the same Abyss group going head-to-head to find out who's the champion. Putting in good performances will net players rewards that will be sent to their in-game mailbox.

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They have also added a new feature called Couple Dungeons. This will allow two married players to clear dungeons, beat bosses and gain rewards together. Some of those rewards will include Wedding Ring enhancement materials.

But that's not everything benefiting those that are married as there will now be couple skills too. These are called Beautiful Encounter, Heaving Longing and Warm Love. They provide additional buffs such as extra Zen from monsters, resurrecting each other and more experience from field monsters.

MU Origin 2 is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.