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MU Origin 2 lays on the charm and adds brand new features in latest update

Holy Shield and Divine Tower make their way to MU in the latest patch

MU Origin 2 lays on the charm and adds brand new features in latest update
| MU Origin 2

MU Origin 2 has just received another bundle of sword and sorcery goodies as part of its latest update, bringing new items, dungeons, and system improvements to keep its legion of fans entertained.

One of the most notable new additions to the hugely successful MMORPG is the Holy Shield. Players that are particularly susceptible to taking damage will definitely be want to make use of this new feature and its damage resistance properties. Players can boost the protective effects of the Holy Shield through the use of Holy Essence and Holy Bead and can obtain it once they reach level 320, and conquer the Swamp of Death quest.

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Upon achieving those two feats, MU Origin 2 warriors can also enjoy a brand new dungeon - the Divine Tower. Like other dungeons the objective remains the same, to clear out each floor of nasty baddies and collect bundles of loot as you go. The added bonus with the Divine Tower is the abundance of coveted items on offer, like Holy Essence and Holy Bead.

The Jewel system is also set to be revamped with the addition of Jewel Craft. Players that reach level 300 will enjoy the benefits of this new feature which allows you to enhance to power of Jewels that are grade 6 and above. Carve and Refine features let you boost the powers of these jewels still further by combing them with Gems and Jewels of lesser power.

Charm points are also set to receive a special boost thanks to the addition of the Flower Gift, which will be unlocked upon reaching level 210 and completing the Scream quest. Tied in as part of this charming little addition is the new Relation feature. Earning Relation points will require you to distribute hard earned loot and Flower Gifts among your fellow companions.

Players can also look forward to new bug fixes, an increased Max Level Expansion and a brand new map filled with elite level monsters.

If you'd like to put your questing skills to the test and enjoy one of the most successful MMOs on the market, then be sure to download MU Origin 2 right now from the App Store or Google Play.

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