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Latest update for MU Origin 2 adds all-new Clan Battle Royale mode

Latest update for MU Origin 2 adds all-new Clan Battle Royale mode

Webzen’s hugely popular fantasy MMO MU Origin 2 has gone from strength to strength since its launch earlier this year, with multiple updates adding more great content to the already sizeable experience. This latest content drop includes a number of nice quality of life improvements and, excitingly, MU Origin’s take on a Battle Royale mode.

MU Origin 2, if you didn’t know, is a spinoff from the PC-based MU Online. It brings all the lore, gameplay mechanics, and fan-favourite characters from that classic title right up to date with some stunning visual enhancements and smart gameplay tweaks.

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Perhaps the most intriguing addition included in the new update is Webzen’s very own Battle Royale mode, known simply as Clan Battle Royale. Matches play out over 3 phases, and you’ll start in what is known as the “Peace phase”. Here, you and your clan will have to scour the area to find life seeds that have the power to boost your resurrection count. You’ll only have 1 minute to collect as many as you can, so you’re going to have to be extra fast.

Once that’s out of the way, it’s then on to the “Battle phase”. Unsurprisingly, this is where you’ll be doing most of your fighting against the opposing clan. If you die without any resurrection points remaining, you’ll be booted over to observation mode where you can do nothing but watch the battle unfold.

The final part of every match is known as the “Demonic phase”. This will trigger once only 4 players remain on the map, and it’s your only chance to try out what is called “demonic rage”, a power that allows you to overpower your enemies. This challenging phase makes for a grand finale to every match.

Another cool idea is the Clan Chase mode which sees players racing to find and kill a randomly-placed monster on the map. The player who kills it will then become the monster and have to survive for 40 seconds in order to win the match. It’s intense and demands that participating clans work together as efficiently as possible.

If you haven’t yet jumped into the world of MU Origin 2, you’ll find it available for download now over on the App Store and Google Play.