MU: Monarch SEA opens pre-registration in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines

A new game set in the MU universe

MU: Monarch SEA opens pre-registration in Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines
  • MU: Monarch is a new take on the the classic S. Korean MMORPG
  • First released in 2001, MU: Monarch brings the classic MU Online formula international
  • No word yet on a western release, but it'll be coming to iOS and Android in SEA

MU: Monarch SEA, a new game set in the long-running MU IP, has opened pre-registration for Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines. A spin-off of the original MU Online, it brings the classic MMORPG to smartphones with new, and retro, graphics as well as many iconic locations from the original game.

The main crux of MU: Monarch is that it wants to emulate the appeal of the original MU Online, which launched way back in 2001. South Korea of course is one of the major markets for MMORPGs, and many major franchises like MapleStory got their start in this region.

Alongside the features of the original MU Online, MU: Monarch features competitive PvP in castle sieges and 3v3 matches, a free trading 'dynamic marketplace' and a wide variety of custom skills and talents drawn from the long-running MMORPG.

MU: Monarch is coming to Google Play and the iOS App Store, but there's no word yet on an official international release.

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For those not familiar with the original MU Online, this game won't likely be a standout. But it seems like the developer, Webzen, is really putting its all into what they hope to be a major launch when the game comes to this new region. Making the classic MU Online format available to a wider audience should be a winner of course, but we'll just have to wait and see.

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