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MU Archangel adds new arena modes and crusade equipment in latest update

MU Archangel adds new arena modes and crusade equipment in latest update

The stunning Webzen MMORPG has been a popular choice for fans of the genre in SEA for quite some time now, and for all the right reasons. The game features full-3D graphics and an immersive play style that resembles the classic MU Online many players know and love. In the latest update, a lot of new content has been added, among which new Arena modes, max level increase and new equipment.

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The new Arena mode is the Chrysos Arena, which will be available every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This arena will be split into two modes, Regular Arena and Final Arena, providing even more PvP content for the bloodthirsty bunch. Players will be rewarded with Battle Coins after each battle, which can be used in the Battle Shop, another new feature added to the game with the update.

Crusade Equipment is another new addition, which will become available to players after reaching Master Lv. 100, 5th class change. This equipment can be crafted as many times as a player wants, by using materials such as Crusade Shard, Jewel of Creation and Jewel of Chaos.

And finally, as many might have guessed, the level cap has also been increased. The maximum level is now 800, and the expanded Max Lv. is 400. Furthermore, the 7th class change has also been added.

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