MotorStorm comes to PSP in the icy shape of Artic Edge

Ripping up the Alaska permafrost

MotorStorm comes to PSP in the icy shape of Artic Edge
| MotorStorm Arctic Edge

There was a bit of a fuss last year about whether Sony was going to release a version of multi-vehicle, multi-track offroad racer MotorStorm for PSP.

The truth is now out in the just announced shape of PSP and PS2 offshoot MotorStorm Artic Edge, which sees the previously PlayStation 3-only series make its way to Alaska for more massive crashes and high octane spills. The PSP experts at Sony's BigBig Studios (of the Pursuit Force series) are working on the racer.

Additions to the franchise will include elemental environmental tricks such as icy bridges that will collapse behind you - depending on the weight of your vehicle - as well as a new specialist vehicle classes such as the Snowcat and the Snow Machine.

This time, you'll also be able to personalise your mount with various different wheel, exhaust and spoiler options. You’ll be able to create your own livery from a set of base patterns and decals too.

Multiplayer will be another big focus with two to eight players able to race against each other via the PSP's local or adhoc mode, or you can go online using the infrastructure mode. This will link into the game’s global leaderboards.

MotorStorm Artic Edge is due for release in autumn 2009.
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